Under the waterline prospects

— Maarten Doornenbal | Churned Head of sales

Churned, ran into an issue that we hear all too often. Performing companies feel like they have a complete overview of their market and have mapped all possible prospects, but in reality this is usually far from true. With Aithena they were able to discover what we call 'under the waterline' prospects.

As Maarten himself stated:
"By using Aithena I came to the conclusion that I had only mapped out 20% of our current market; I was shocked and excited at the same time."

The moment he started to use the tool, a world opened up to him. Not only did his market grow at the touch of a button, but with the help of our advanced similarity technology all the prospects that Aithena finds exactly fits within the ideal customer profile of Churned. ‍

"I no longer have to search based on broad categorisations. I can just leverage my current customers to find new potential customers. This saves me tremendous time and let me focus on what I do best; Sales."


Never chase the wrong leads

— Thom Trentelman | Auto-Pilot Co-founder

Auto-Pilot, a document processing company, wanted to bring more focus to their sales process. No more mass selling. For this reason, they were looking for a tool that could find top qualified prospects. The leads provided by other tools were often inaccurate. Hence, they chose Aithena.

“Aithena is exactly what we needed. Our conversions have increased significantly. As soon as we have another new customer, we put it in Aithena and gather another list of 50 similar ones. This is an ongoing process. I love this strategy” .